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  1. I have been trying to get help with my sight but still do have it working right

    • Wordpress Ninja

      Ahh…I went and checked out your site and you’re CLOSE! Would you like for me to help? Just tell me what you need done. I am quick and efficient!

  2. Trey

    I’m in!

  3. Richard Banfield

    I paid a guy a lot of money to build me a website and he did it all on Joomla which I guess is the opposite of WordPress or some other kind of platform. Well the site was impossible for me to work on myself because I had to learn HTML and stuff. And then every time I had an urgent need to change something, he was never available. So fristrating to not have control over it all. I’m glad to hear this is easy. When I called you, you said that if I can use MS Word, that I’d be immediately comfortable with WordPress. I’m excited to save the money and have control. Perfect timing for me.

  4. Maddy Hoff

    The donkey cracked me up. Reminded me of my high school boyfriend. He was a real ass!

  5. Cool video. Excited to learn what you have to teach cuz I’m starting a new company and don’t have much money. Gonna have to do most the early stuff on my own. I don’t know much besides what I’ve Googled and found out that WordPress is definitely the best way to go for a website. I read that wordpress sites automatically rank higher than other sites. Is that true?

  6. Reginald Garrison

    Thanks for your very informative lecture at my Entrepreneur class at USC. I took copious notes and put it all to work on my laptop while you were still teaching. These videos are what I was hoping for. Detailed, look-over-your should tutorials. Well done. I will definitely recommend your site to my friends : )

  7. Lacey Peterson

    Thanks for pricing this so low. I’m excited to sit down and build my website when I get home from work!

  8. Rick Warren

    I think this program saved me a ton of time and lots of dough! ; )

  9. Darcey Owens

    How did you build the video playlist doohickey in the site? That delivery system is killer and organizes all the lessons beautifully.

  10. Darcey Owens

    Once I figured out that even THIS website of yours was also built with WordPress, I was sold. And when that LET ME IN button showed itself at around 75 seconds, I clicked it and was sold. I actually already have a private membership website that I paid alot of money for a so-called webmaster to build for me. But he’s never available and I can’t edit it how and when I need to. So bye-bye webmaster…I have FULL control over it now and am saving a LOT of money by doing it for myself (and I do a lot better job than the webmaster, I might ad).

  11. I LOVE the website I made and increased my sales significantly. Don’s the man.

  12. Bob Thorpe

    Very cool videos, Don! I installed and configured WordPress with just 4 clicks, just like you said. Having a blast with this.

  13. Candice

    I’ve totally struggled trying to make my own website and I didn’t want a lame Wix site. So I bought this and was blown away with how clear and easy it all is. Thanks go out to you!